Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tour My NYC Apartment

Alright... So, it's been 8 months since I moved all the way across the country to follow my dreams in NYC. If you can remember how long it took me to finally get all moved in to my last Seattle apartment, it should come as no surprise that I'm finally just getting everything set up here. I'm still on the lookout for a number of items (including floating shelves and some drawers to put under my garment rack), but I'm pretty happy with it. Of course, these photos were taken after some serious deep-cleaning. End-of-summer-cleaning is a thing, right?

Let me start by saying that I love my apartment. I love how much natural light I get in my room, the exposed brick throughout the apartment, the closed-off outdoor space, the roof, my roommates, the neighborhood, and the hardwood floors. Not all of those features are portrayed in the photos in this post, so I figured I'd mention them up-front.

Of course, my apartment is a classic NYC apartment in that it's kinda small. As such, it's taken some serious creativity for me to figure out how to store all of my belongings. The necklace wall isn't new– I used it in Seattle to show off some of my favorite jewelry. 

Another trick I borrowed from my dorm living is hanging my bags on the walls. The garment rack replaces the walk-in closets I've had most of my life. I find it's a lot easier for me to plan my outfits when my clothes are out in the open. Do you notice the lipstick chart hanging above my makeup drawers? 

That door you see is the door to my closet. It's basically a glorified coat rack, but there's lots of storage space and the door is the perfect place for me to hang all my bags. Thank you, super high ceilings!

This wall faces my bed, so I get to see it every time I'm hanging out in bed. You might recognize the mirror from my Snapchat OOTDs (if you don't, add me– thehannahgold) and the wooden candles from my homemade candle DIY. The lipstick kisses are from my going away party, and the painting of Luxe is still on my graduation cap. Just as an FYI, the idea that this pink salt lamp "purifies" the air or whatever is total BS. It is, however, a very cute accessory.

This piece of art has followed me across the country since Emily painted it for me a couple years ago. It's one of my most-prized possessions!

This "sparkle shine glimmer glow" piece followed me across the country, too. The piece of glass broke in the moving box, but you can't really tell, can you? The 2 pieces of alcohol-themed art are, unsurprisingly, not mine. 

I tried taking more pictures of my cute apartment, but the lighting was simply terrible. If you want a full apartment tour, check out my Instagram stories: @thehannahgold

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