Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's in My Carry-On?

When I was packing for my trip to Vietnam, I realized that I can pack my carry-on bag with my eyes shut. I've been traveling since I was 13 days old. More recently, I get on a plane every couple months.
Apart from the basics (Phone, wallet, keys), this is what I pack with me when I fly.

1. Ear plugs: I don't sleep well on planes. I've tried medication, neck pillows, and just staying awake. Ear plugs, especially the ones I've linked to, keep the annoying plane noises at bay when I'm sitting there with my eyes shut for 1-3 hours. This is especially essential when I'm flying past 10 pm at the time of my destination. My big trick for beating (or at least minimizing) jet lag is adjusting to the time at your destination as soon as you get to the airport.
2. Eye mask: Similarly, my eye mask eliminates one more sense from being overloaded when I'm trying to relax.
3. A new book: So many (too many) airports don't offer free wifi, and I'm completely unwilling to shell out money for wifi on the plane. I love to read, so this free time without any distractions is the perfect time to do so.
4. A condensed snack: Airports and planes have notoriously overpriced yet low-quality food. No matter whether my flight is 30 minutes or 16 hours, I always bring a bar, some pretzels, and some almonds with me. These snacks help fill me up but don't take up too much space.
5. Phone charger: I mean... Duh.
6. Headphones: A girl's gotta listen to her podcasts somehow!
7. Ginger candy: Embarrassing fact: I get motion sick really easily. I don't actually throw up, but I get nauseated and dizzy and headache-y. Ginger is an easy and accessible way to soothe nausea. I like ginger gum or hard candies– they let me savor them a little longer. I don't know if the length of time the ginger is in my mouth affects how long my nausea is quelled, but the placebo effect sure does wonders.
8. A sweater: Why are planes always so cold?? If, for whatever reason, am not too cold, I can use this as a pillow.
9. Portable charger: Just in case I'm stuck on a plane or shuttle without outlets.
10. Lip moisturizer: Ever since I learned that most lip balms have an ingredient in them that make your lips drier, I've stuck to moisturizers that were intended to be used on other parts of your body. I've had this swivel stick for nearly two years, and it's not running out any time soon.
11. Computer (in my computer case): Anyone who knows me knows I love playing Sims. I don't have a lot of time to do this in my everyday life, so I totally take advantage of longer flights to get satisfy my Sims cravings.
12. My backpack (duh!): My grandparents got me this Kipling backpack when I graduated from high school. Seriously: invest in a nice backpack. I hate when people tell me to shell out a little more for something nice (I don't have $80 for a nice pair of boots! I only have $20 in my shopping budget– that's the problem!), but if you have the money, this is a great thing to invest in.
13. Journal: I went through 3 journals a year all through middle and high school. I've had a harder time keeping a journal in the last 5 years, but I know how beneficial it is for my mental health. Like reading, this is a great thing for me to do when I have the time and no distractions.
14. A pen: For journaling and other various writing needs.