Thursday, March 9, 2017

Influenster Review: Ole Henriksen Balance // First-Time Face Washer

After having smooth, practically flawless skin for the last couple years, my face has started getting oily and breaking out like crazy. I have several theories as to why this may have happened: 1. I'm aging in reverse and my skin is mimicking that of my teenage self, 2. the pollution in New York is really getting to me, or 3. someone cast a curse on me after I said "I don't need to wash my face" one too many times.
Whatever the cause, I was at a loss for a solution. I haven't cleaned my face routinely since I was in middle school. My grandma bought me a Clinique face wash set and my skin eventually cleared up. Since then, I haven't had to shop for face wash that best suits my face. As a result, when my skin started getting oily again, I had no idea where to start looking for a solution apart from using the one-ply toilet paper in my office as blotting paper.
So, I was lucky when Influenster sent me this Ole Henriksen Balance set for free to try out and review.

The Ole Henriksen Balance set: Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, and Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator

Some notes:
- The cleanser smells like a literal spa, with notes of both eucalyptus and mint.
- I was worried the hydrator was going make my skin even oilier (especially if I followed the instructions of using it twice a day), but I've been pleasantly surprised by how smooth and clean my skin feels after applying it. I don't know how they made such an oil-less moisturizer (magic, maybe?), but I'm all for it.
- It doesn't take much of each product to complete the routine. I use a pea-size amount of the cleanser and hydrator and it fully covers my face without problem.
- The cleanser takes a bit of scrubbing to foam up, though this doesn't affect how the product works.
- My skin doesn't feel oily until I come home from work (about 22 hours after washing my face).
- I've continued to break out, but I break out less than I did before I started using these products.

I'd recommend the Ole Henriksen Balance set to anyone with combination or oily skin. It's pretty pricey – all three products come to a combined total of $85, and I'd strongly recommend buying them as a set – so I'll be on the look-out for a less expensive product with similar effects.

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