Thursday, March 2, 2017

DIY Review: Washi Tape Nails

I've literally had "paint nails" on my list of things to do since I moved to New York 2 months ago. Since I've had it on my list for so long, I figured I may as well try out a cool new nail DIY to make this chore worth my while. I decided to try this washi tape nail art tutorial from Hello Little Home.

- Washi tape
- Top coat (technically you're also supposed to use a base coat, but I just did my base with my top coat)
- Nail file
- Scissors

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base coat.
Step 2: Trim a piece of washi tape to fit your nail.

Step 3: Apply the washi tape to your nail. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles and the edges– you want the tape to stick completely to your nail so that it doesn't start to come off or get water under it when you wash your hands.

Step 4: Trim and file the tape to fit the tip of your nail.

Step 5: Cover the washi tape with a top coat. The tutorial calls for multiple coats, but I only used one because the nail polish made the colors on the tape bleed a little.

Voila! I love the way this looks and, immediately following the DIY, am already looking forward to using the rest of the washi tape in my collection in future manicures. However, the manicure lasted three days. It was pretty easy, but was too much effort for such a short reward. I wouldn't do this again unless I wanted an extra-special manicure for a short period of time.

DIY rating: C+

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