Monday, February 6, 2017

OOTD: Walk to Work

Black Steve Madden Chelsea boots - White palazzo pants - Black Forever 21 ribbed sweater - Black Banana Republic peacoat - Black Forever 21 tote bag - Olive green scarf 

Surprisingly, I don't actually mind my 50 minute commute to work. I spend my time on the train listening to podcasts (if anyone has any recommendations for psychology podcasts, please let me know!), which is a great way for me to wake up. My favorite part of my commute, though, is the 4 blocks I walk every day on my way from the subway station to my office. Twice a day every day, I get to walk through the middle of the greatest city on the world. I am inspired every single day by the outfits of those walking around me, the architecture of the buildings looming above me, and the general hustle of the city. I love working in Manhattan.
I'm not new to the business casual dress code. In fact, I kind of pride myself on being able to dress myself stylishly and appropriately. Dressing for work in Manhattan is a little bit of a different story, though. I'm out of the house for 11 hours a day, so I have to be comfortable. Plus, it's FREEZING in Manhattan right now, so I have to be cute, comfortable, professional, and warm. Luckily, I have a closet full of coats and I've been stocking up on comfy business attire, so I'm feeling pretty good. I do wear a lot of the same items to work, but that's part of being broke.

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