Monday, February 27, 2017

OOTD: Lazy Sunday

Though I claim to try to alternate spending my Sundays in bed and out exploring, I end up doing nothing most Sundays. I love my Lazy Sundays– since graduating, I don't have any real responsibilities on the weekends, leaving me free to do absolutely nothing.
On the occasion that I have to leave the house on a Lazy Sunday, I'm lenient to have to change out of my pajamas. I've developed a pretty good alternative outfit that's easy, fast, comfortable, and appropriate to be seen in in public.
The keys to the perfect Lazy Sunday outfit:
- Your most comfortable shoes (classic Uggs don't count).
- A pair of leggings. I'm only a little embarrassed that my comfiest pair of pants are actually jeggings, which are just leggings with a button and zipper.
- A soft T-shirt.
- A really cozy sweater. This is actually a faux shearling coat, and wearing it feels like being wrapped in a blanket.
- No makeup. I'm literally just wearing some brow gel (I feel my best when my brows are done, ok?) and some tinted lip balm.
- Some sort of complicated-looking (but secretly super easy) updo. This french braid bun is hiding the fact that I haven't washed my hair in a week!

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