Thursday, February 2, 2017

How I Wear: Faux Leather Moto Jacket

I was recently looking through my post archive and I realized something: I re-wear a lot of pieces in my OOTDs. As a broke young adult, I really only own so much clothing, and I do what I can to style all my pieces in different ways. However, I definitely own some things that I tend to wear on a more regular basis. This new series, "How I Wear," will take some of my favorite pieces and examine four different ways that I've styled them to make four unique outfits.

The piece: A black H&M faux leather moto jacket. I bought almost this exact jacket for 40 euros in 2011, and it's been my go-to piece ever since. 

Flirty: Edgy leather and romantic lace come together to make the perfect cool-flirty look.

Night out: A leather jacket is a classic look for a night out. A fun fringe skirt and casual-cool tee make this perfect to wear out.

Fall: Pairing this jacket with such a great fall color made the outfit perfect to wear to coffee or around town.

Casual: Whenever I want to add a little extra something to an otherwise boring outfit, I throw this jacket on on top.

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