Monday, January 30, 2017

OOTD: Steps of the Met

Steve Madden Chelsea booties - Black sheer tights - Black and navy leather-accented Rag & Bone dress - Black Banana Republic peacoat - Stella & Dot crystal choker

My second weekend in NYC was a three-day weekend. I decided to take advantage of my additional day off by heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Olivia and Tomi. I've never been to the Met before, but I have seen it featured as a frequent location on the show Gossip Girl. In honor of my first time at the Met, I channeled Blair Waldorf and donned a designer dress and a peacoat. I may have my preppy roots, but I wanted to take my outfit to another level. I did so with this Stella & Dot necklace that I fashioned into a choker by securing it a little tighter.

A good tip: $25 is just the suggested admission fee. Admission at the Met is actually done by donation of whatever the visitor deems fair. I paid $5 for some of the most enriching hours of my life.

I'm a sucker for a good museum. My favorites in Seattle were the Frye Art Museum, which was free AND four blocks from where I lived, and the Seattle Art Museum. I'm excited to see all the museums that New York has to offer. 

We were only there for a couple hours, and only got to see a couple exhibits. I kept my map and colored in the rooms that I'd visited in the hope of one day being able to see all the exhibits.

I was surprised (and so excited) to learn that the Met hosts a fashion exhibit. It features some beautiful clothing by legendary designers, including these shoes and the Versace safety pin dress that brought Versace onto the fashion scene below.

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