Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Broke & Fabulous Gift Guide 2016

It's my favorite time of year as a blogger: gift guide season. I make a point to only include items $50 and under. This year, I'm introducing some new gift guides and updating some old ones. This won't be my last gift guide post of the season; read this and stay tuned for more.

1. Bath bomb set: Give your friend's senses a gift with an all-inclusive way to self-soothe.
2. Eye mask: An inexpensive, quick, and easy way for someone to pamper themselves.
3. Cozy blanket: For days when getting out of bed is so not an option, make sure the bed is as nice a place as possible.
4. Pillow pet: A source of physical comfort and a friend!
5. Homesick candle: This unique take on a candle incorporates nostalgia into its scent, making it an ideal source of comfort for the especially homesick.
6. Face mask set: Nothing says "self-care" like a face mask. It's soothing to wear and gives great results, especially when you're able to treat your skin depending on its type.
7. Mug: Perfect for tea, hot chocolate, soup, and communicating that today is not the day to get on my nerves.

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: Those of us graduating need more than just a book to be able to make it in the "real world," but this is a very helpful start and reference point.
2. Personal blender: Most dorms allow little contraptions like this mini blender, and it encourages healthy eating at a time in one's life when junk food reigns supreme.
3. Coffee Hydro Flask: Give the gift of warm coffee during an 8 am class with this portable mug that keeps liquid warm for up to 6 hours (or cold for up to 24 hours).
4. Charging cord: Between the library, class, my friends' houses, and traveling home, I'm always leaving my chargers somewhere. With a unique charger (that is designed not to break so easily), I can be sure that whoever borrows it can't claim it's theirs.
5. Socks: Again, between all the places I go, communal laundry rooms, and how many times I've moved as a college student, I'm constantly losing socks. Nice socks in particular are a luxury I just can't afford.
6. Herb planters & herbs: A super easy way to brighten up a dorm room or a cheap apartment with no natural light. Throw in some basil, peppermint, or other edible seeds to make this gift really worth its while.
7. Personal banker organizer: Not everyone keeps track of their budget online: some people prefer to handwrite their monthly expenses. Help someone gain control of their finances with this guided spending tracker.

1. Travel journal: Help the traveler in your life record their trips for years to come with this cute (and compact) journal.
2. Waterproof phone case: Keeps any phone safe from the rain, the ocean, humidity, and any other kind of water to continue to document and serve as a means of communication when traveling.
3. Luggage tag: Make a boring bag stand out on a baggage carousel for a more efficient trip through baggage claim.
4. Mini cosmetic kit: Not only is this perfect for shorter trips or for a carry-on bag, but look how cute everything is!
5. "Anywhere Travel Guide": If you can't keep up with where your friend is traveling this year (Croatia? Jamaica? Indonesia?), get them a travel guide that will give them something to do regardless of where they end up.
6. Travel pouches: Keep everything nice and organized in these pouches that tell you what's inside without showing your business to the entire world.
7. Carry-on cocktail kit: Flying sucks a little less with a cocktail that you can make yourself on the plane.

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