Saturday, December 17, 2016

5 Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

1. Gold Aquarius star sign necklace– Give the Aquarius in your life a way to show their water-bearer pride.
2. Bananagrams– The perfect Aquarius game: competitive, fast-paced, and clever.
3. Fuzzy socks– I guarantee your Aquarius friend isn't relaxing enough. Let their feet at least take a break in these adorable bear socks.
4. Aquarius notebook– Every Aquarius needs a place to let their feelings out. This journal is a healthy alternative to taking off for the woods for a couple months.
5. Bear travel pillow– Clearly, there's a connection between bears and Aquariuses: they're both really independent. A travel pillow is the perfect accessory for that solo trip to Asia or the spontaneous cross-coast train ride.

1. Rose petal oil– This beautifully scented oil is perfect for a Pisces to moisturize their split-ends, cuticles, and whatever else they deem fit.
2. Pisces shea butter soap– Make hand washing a cathartic experience for your Pisces friends by giving them this personalized soap.
3. Watercolor pencil set– Satisfy a Pisces' creative urges and their craving to immerse themselves in all things water by combining the medium of watercolor and colored pencils.
4. Pisces necklace– A simple way for a Pisces to show off their Pisces pride.
5. Oversized scarf– Any Pisces would love to wrap, warm, and possibly hide themselves in this comfortable (and chic!) accessory.

1. Aries nail polish– This color was designed specifically for your Aries friend (literally!).
2. Inspirational desk sorter– The typical Aries is hard-working and organized. Appeal to both qualities with this super cute office accessory.
3. "You can never be overdressed or overeducated" journal– Both education and fashion require some risk: something an Aries truly values.
4. Fire scented candle– Aries is a fire sign and lover of fine things. This present hits both those requirements.
5. Aries keychain– A cool, casual way to show for your friend to show off their not-so-casual zodiac sign.

1. Taurus shirt– A simple way to show off their zodiac sign.
2. Card holder– A Taurus doesn't like to lose track of their wealth. This sleek, unadorned, quality card holder keeps their cards in reach at all times.
3. Black furry keychain– Appeal to a Taurus' sense of feel with this sophisticated statement piece that demonstrates commitment to fashion without calling too much attention.
4. Taurus mug– If someone in your life doesn't have a mug broadcasting their zodiac sign by this point in 2016, it's about time they own one.
5. "Enchanted Forest" coloring book– Tauruses are creative and love nature. This book requires both these traits.

1. Hair chalk– What Gemini doesn't love expressing themselves in a different way every day? This assortment of different colored hair chalk washes off within a couple days and gives plenty of different options to mix and match for a number of unique hair colors.
2. Gemini leather patch– A cheeky and adorable way to show Gemini pride.
3. Gemini necklace– Do I need to spell it out for you?
4. "Here comes the fun" passport holder– Geminis want to experience everything the world has to offer, and this includes traveling the world.
5. Muse porcelain cup– I was going to make a joke about Geminis being two-faced (thanks, Tumblr), but this is really just a beautiful and incredibly unique addition to a kitchen and can also be used as decor.

1. Star-shaped lights– If you can't afford a telescope, this is a cheap (and adorable) alternative.
2. Cancer necklace– A simple and subtle accessory to show crab pride.
3. "Happiness planner"– Cancers are some of the most pensive members of the zodiac. This planner focuses on channeling that thoughtfulness to find out what contributes to one's good days, weeks, and months.
4. "I think you are wonderful" set– Remind your Cancer friend that they are, in fact, wonderful, even though they may not always think they are.
5. Cancer watercolor print– The colors and design in this print are perfect for any Cancer's aesthetic.

1. Gold polka-dot cocktail shaker– Leos know just what the perfect party entails, and this cocktail shaker is sure to aid in creating that.
2. Lion choker– Extravagant? Check. Statement? Check. Gold? Check. This choker fulfills all the requirements of the perfect Leo accessory.
3. "The master plan" notebook– What used to be the secret of every Leo is now a well-known fact: they want to rule the world. Help them on their way to that goal with this notebook to document every aspect of their master plan.
4. Gold metallic lip– Leos are all about standing out; and what better way for them to do this than with gold lips?
5. Leo keychain– Another statement piece for the Leo in your life.

1. Simple stud set– Virgos can have their moments of standing out from the crowd, but for the most part, they prefer timeless elegance to trends. These studs are the perfect addition to any classic outfit.
2. Virgo candle– A scent and design picked especially for Virgos.
3. Black and white striped 2017 17 month planner– Chances are, your Virgo friend bought their planner for the new year months ago. If they haven't, this classy design is the perfect choice.
4. Virgo notecard set– Virgos are suckers for stationary of all kinds, but especially stationary with a simple, elegant design.
5. Black tote– Another wardrobe staple for the zodiac sign that prefers quality to quantity.

1. "52 lists for happiness"– Another happiness journal (what? Everyone deserves to be happy!), but this one targets a Libra's indecisiveness.
2. Libra necklace– This rustic accessory is perfect for the romantic Libra.
3. "Love" print– Libras are the romantics of the zodiac. This print demonstrates just how much they value love by repeating it across the page.
4. Libra earrings– The best way for a Libra to show off their zodiac sign is by balancing their sign on each side of their face.
5. Cat sleep mask– A cute and flirty piece to help the Libra in your life get some more sleep.

1. Scorpion square scarf– My favorite part of this pick is that it wasn't designed specifically for a Scorpio, but it's edgy and features a scorpion, making it a great gift for any Scorpio.
2. Nude figurine tray– A simple piece of decor to normalize the human body, something Scorpios feel passionately about.
3. Black over the knee boots– Sure, these may just be a piece from my personal wish list, but I'm a Scorpio!
4. Black lace bodysuit– A sexy layering piece to go under any outfit or to wear over a bralette to make a statement.
5. Scorpio patch– Another (more obvious) way to show Scorpio pride.

1. Agate bookends– A beautiful and unique piece of decor to help your Sagittarius friend show off their prized book collection.
2. Salsa growing kit– A spicy, hands-on gift for a spicy, hands-on friend.
3. Sagittarius constellation light– The perfect conversation starter to hang on the wall of someone who loves conversation.
4. Scratch travel journal– An easy and visual way for a Sagittarius to document how much of the world they've traveled.
5. Arrow bracelet– This may not have been designed with a Sagittarius in mind, but it's the perfect minimalist accessory to compliment a fun statement outfit.

1. Savings jar– Give your Capricorn friend a more creative way to do something they do without thinking about: save money.
2. Tech touch gloves– Capricorns love practical gifts. These gloves combine practicality (staying warm and still being able to use your phone) with style.
3. Goat wine stopper– An adorable representation of the Capricorn symbol that doubles as encouragement to leave more half-empty bottles of wine lying around.
4. Capricorn ring– Beautiful, simple, and easy-to-wear.
5. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie– A quick (but essential) read from one of the most influential and acclaimed feminist WOC still alive.

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