Monday, November 14, 2016

Feeling 22

I turned 22 on Thursday! I followed the long-standing tradition of making everyone dress up and eat cake at my place. For the second year in a row, I DIYed a banner featuring an appropriate quote. This year, I featured a lyric from Taylor Swift's "22". 

The theme of the evening was "moderate champagne consumption", so the night was complete with two kinds of champagne-flavored candy and some oversized bottles of champagne. I figured if I was going to do candy, I may as well go all the way: I rounded up every glass vase in the apartment and filled them with my favorite kinds of candy.

Two of my friends got me birthday bouquets. Anyone who knows me knows that I love flowers but more than anything, I love gestures like that which show me that people are thinking of and love me. I'm always talking about how birthday gifts are my love language: I love giving as much as I love receiving them, and I don't care what size or cost of the gift is nearly as much as I care about the thought that's put into the present.

Of course, champagne and candy isn't enough: we also had a chocolate cake and a bunch of different kinds of cheeses. Full disclosure– we had to light the candles twice to get a picture!

One of my favorite parts of my apartment is the blank wall that we hang different banners on throughout the year to take pictures under. I love taking pictures with my friends. I fully subscribe the view that I will value these visual memories when I'm older. In the meantime, I love having some damn cute pictures to Instagram on others' birthdays.

Not every picture is for the scrapbook... But the candids are often my favorites.

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