Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Ball 2016

Seattle University hosts one formal event a year: Fall Ball. We're a small campus without Greek life, so this is really it for us. I've only been one other time, but couldn't miss out on my last chance. The theme was "In Space," and I kind of went all-out. As a broke college student, one of my favorite (totally non-Kosher) things to do is use makeup products in a way other than their intended purpose. This lipstick is actually an eyeshadow stick, and my eyeshadow/eyebrow highlight is a liquid eyeliner.

I didn't see Luxe in this picture until writing this post, but Evelyn and I look too good to delete it.

As I'm sure those of you who have followed me for a while know, I'm usually pretty nervous to go out to social occasions that have more than five people at them. Luckily, I have a number of friends who share my social priorities and are down to do things a little differently. Evelyn and I got ready watching the Office, spent our time at the event walking through the exhibits at the EMP, and were home in bed by 11:30. I'm so lucky to have friends with whom I can share my college experience and who I truly enjoy.

Huge shoutout to Evelyn and Sophia's boyfriends for letting me steal them to be my dates for the evening. Don't we all look so cute?

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful! Love how you re purpose makeup items for other things besides their intended usage!

    -Kim :)