Monday, October 24, 2016

OOTD: Lake Union

This summer, I made a Seattle bucket list full of places I wanted to see before I graduate and leave in December. I only hit a couple places over the summer, but I'm working on prioritizing going on more adventures this quarter. When my parents came to visit and asked what I wanted to do, I immediately said that I wanted to see Lake Union and the Ballard Locks. Luckily, my parents are always up for an adventure, and my mom booked us seats on a boat tour of the area. It was one of the last nice days of the year, so I relished the opportunity to wear my favorite romper for what will probably be the last time of 2016. I bought this romper a couple years ago at Last Chance. Nordstrom sends all its repaired and out-of-season returned items to Last Chance in Arizona, where the items are resold for 75-90% off. I bought every Topshop piece that I own at Last Chance, because it's the only place where I can afford one of my favorite brands.
Check out this video by Sazan Hendrix to see how I did this super cute crown braid in under five minutes!

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