Thursday, October 27, 2016

Behind the Lens Pt 1

Anyone who's seen the front page of my site knows that I'm more broke than your average fashion blogger. As such, I can't afford professional photography to feature on my blog. But, while I'm broke, I'm also fabulous, and I don't let this lack of resources stand in my way of doing what I love. So, I make do with the resources I do have: namely, a bunch of super supportive and often artistic friends. Most of my friends have taken OOTD pictures for me on at least one occasion. Now, it's their turn to hop in front of the camera so that you can read about and get to know the people behind the lens.

Behind the lens of: Too Hot
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Lauren is my little sister and a professional photographer. She takes most of my pictures when I'm back in Bend. Street style photography is not nearly as artistically inspiring as her usual work, but she does it anyways for me. She's always been incredibly supportive, and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without her cooperation.

Behind the lens of: Kiss, Kiss
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As the person I have historically spent the most time with outside of class, Emily has taken most of the pictures on my blog. She's always the first to like my Instagram posts and offer to venture outside for a quick photo shoot when I'm wearing something cute.

Behind the lens of: Urban Safari
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Carolyn and I have been roommates since last October. We quickly bonded while watching Legally Blonde and eating candy on Friday nights in. As my roommate, she's the first person I ask about my outfit every day before I leave the house. She's also the first to offer to let me borrow a cute scarf or lipstick that'll make my outfit that much better.

Behind the scenes of: Greenhouse
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Kathleen and I met behind-the-scenes of the Seattle University Fashion Club fashion show my sophomore year. She's an aesthetic princess who inspires my sense of style with every Snapchat she sends me.

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