Thursday, July 14, 2016

DIY: Gemstone Embellished Sunglasses

I've always loved out-of-the-ordinary sunglasses. I've seen embellished sunglasses around, and figured it would be a super easy look to recreate (and I was right!). I was inspired by these Prada shades (and these strikingly similar glasses from Slay Accessories).

What you need:
- A plain pair of sunglasses (preferably with super thick rims)
- Craft gemstones
- A hot glue gun + hot glue

Step 1:
Pull aside the gems you want to use. Make sure you have an even number of each gemstone if you're looking to make each side symmetrical.

Step 2:
Use hot glue to glue the gems on the glasses. Make sure to evenly space the gems and keep the hot glue from touching the lens!

Step 3 (optional):
Glue gems to the two end pieces for a little bit of extra flair.

Voila! There you have it!

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