Thursday, May 19, 2016

DIY Review: Succulent Cork Planters

I love succulents. They are so cute and easy to take care of. Unfortunately, I've killed a couple of them on accident. So, I was on the lookout for an easier way to plant and have succulents in my place. This cork planter DIY from Upcycle That seemed like the perfect solution. So, I had a couple friends over to put this tutorial to the test.


  • Wine, prosecco, or champagne corks (as many as you want!)
  • A screwdriver, small knife, or Swiss Army knife
  • Soil
  • Succulent clippings (one or two per cork): we cut ours from succulents growing around the neighborhood, so don't feel the need to go out and buy an entire plant to use for this project.

Step 1:
Carve a small hole in the top of the cork. It needs to go about halfway down so you have enough room for soil and a succulent clipping. The original tutorial has more details about how to make this hole; we kind of just freehanded it.

Step 2:
Fill the hole with soil. 

Step 3:
Plant your succulent! Make sure to pack down the soil around the succulent so it doesn't fall out and is able to grow roots.

Voila! The tutorial includes attaching magnets to the corks, but we didn't want to do that. Instead, we left some of them to stand on the windowsill, and wrapped wire around others to make little hangers that can hang from the wall or the ceiling.

This was by far one of the easiest and most rewarding DIYs I've ever done. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a craft to do or an easy DIY gift.

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