Monday, April 18, 2016

What to Wear: to the Airport

Of all the occasions I dress for, dressing to travel is one of the most difficult. Balancing style with comfort and practicality is a hard line to walk. Luckily, I've been flying since I was 13 days old, and have picked up a couple of tricks to doing so in the appropriate clothing. 

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Whoever said leggings can't be pants just didn't want you to be comfortable. Leggings are ideal to wear when traveling because they're the perfect layering item and are simply comfortable enough to spend an otherwise uncomfortable day in.

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If you're traveling somewhere a little chillier, a scarf is a must-pack. Save room in your suitcase and give yourself a built-in pillow by wearing a scarf on the plane.

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No one likes airport security. Make the process a little easier on yourself by wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Just don't forget to pair them with socks: you definitely don't want to walk barefoot through the metal detector!

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Layering is essential when traveling for two reasons. First of all, wearing as much as possible leaves that much more room in your suitcase. Second of all, layering will help you adjust to the temperature changes from one place to the next; especially if you're traveling somewhere cold or if you get chilly on airplanes.

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This is essential when dressing comfortably to travel. Lightweight and loose-fitting clothes let you look cute without sitting in a seat for hours on end with your clothes digging into you.

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