Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Confessions of a Dye-Job Mermaid (ONYX by Blair Brown)

In my 21 years on Earth, I've only ever dyed my hair a handful of times. I went red-brown in middle school and rocked turquoise tips for a hot second my sophomore year of high school, but other than that, I've gone au natural most of my life. So, the decision to go surreal was a pretty big one. I've been lusting after pastel mermaid hair for years, and when my friend Coley told me her hair stylist was looking for new clients, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take the plunge.

The stylist, Blair Brown, had just left a salon to make a name for herself on her own terms. As a young, driven woman, I really admire the hard work that Blair has put into owning her own business (Onyx by Blair Brown), developing her brand, and honing her craft. I love supporting local women-owned businesses, and Blair is certainly worth supporting!

As someone who didn't know what the dye experience would be like, I was super lucky to have Blair as my guide through the process. We initially met about a month ago for a consultation. Even though I was set on colorful hair, Blair was careful to make sure I knew what the look would entail. She got to know my hair history (as minimal as it was) so as to get a better understanding of what she'd need to do to help me get my desired look. She warned me about the bleaching process– it would require much more care than anything I'd done before, and I'd need to be prepared for the work I'd need to put into it. She talked me through purple shampoos, conditioning treatments, and touch-ups. I was initially worried that she thought this was a bad idea, but I soon came to realize that she was doing the best thing possible by preparing me for the entire experience.

So, I prepared for the plunge by investing in some coconut oil, purple shampoo, argon oil, deep conditioner, and dry shampoo. It took a while to finally make the appointment with Blair– after all, she was in the process of developing her own business– but when the day finally came, I felt prepared to make such a big change.

The entire process took about six hours. Blair was really thorough, making sure each strand of hair was coated in bleach, then conditioning treatment, then Olaplex, then shampoo, then dye. As lengthy as it was, I'm really grateful for the care Blair took to make sure I'd get the best look possible. My hair feels so much smoother than I thought it was going to, and the color is super thorough throughout my head. If I had to spend six hours with a stranger, I'm lucky it was Blair: we kept the conversation going, which really contributed to the experience.

I am so thrilled with my hair. I can't stop looking at myself, and I'm addicted to the compliments I keep getting. I'm so grateful that my first big hair experience went so well. If you're in the Seattle area and looking for a stylist, I strongly recommend Blair Brown! She has an amazing student discount that makes her especially perfect for students looking for a stylist. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and see more of her services and work on her website.

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  1. Your new hair looks beaut. Wish I could be as bold as you and dye my hair.