Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Broke Girl's Guide To: Wardrobe Basics

My wardrobe is constantly changing. I love reselling my clothes and using the money to update and improve my closet. Through it all, though, there are a couple items that I seem to either always keep around or replace as soon as they wear out. These are my must-have items that form the foundation of my wardrobe.

1. Black puffer coat: As a Pacific Northwest native, everyone I know has a Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. I've had mine since high school, and I still wear it a couple times a week. It's cute, comfortable, practical, and super compact. If you live somewhere that gets colder than 41 F, invest in the real deal; as expensive as it is, it is well-worth all the wear you'll get out of it. Patagonia has a huge after-Christmas sale if you're looking to grab one for less! If you happen to live somewhere warm, buy a knock-off for traveling.
2. High-waisted dark wash jeans: Dark-wash jeans are by far the most versatile and easy-to-wear way to wear jeans. You can dress them up if you're going for a Kendall Jenner look or dress them down to wear grocery shopping. I love high-waisted because you can tuck your shirt in to accentuate your figure or wear your top loose if you're feeling self-conscious. For me, if it's not high-waisted, it's a no-go.
3. Black wool (or wool-like) coat: I have three wool coats, but the one that gets the most use is definitely my black one. It goes with everything, keeps me warm, and is a super easy way to look like I put effort into my look when all I really did was throw on a nice coat on my way out the door. Try a fitted coat if you're going classic. If layering is a priority, try a looser fit or even go a size up.
4. Faux leather moto jacket: I bought my moto jacket from H&M for 40 Euros when I was 16. Now, five years later, it's still one of my favorite pieces. It's perfect for fall and spring transitional weather, and immediately makes anything I'm wearing 10x cooler.
5. Black cardigan: Cardigans are the perfect all-weather item. You need them for layering in the fall and winter, wear them as outerwear in the spring, and carry them with you when you go out at night in the summer. A black cardigan goes with everything, and it's so common that you can find one for just a couple dollars at a consignment store if you look long enough.
6. White long-sleeve shirt: I've owned a white long-sleeve shirt since I was in middle school. I usually pick them up at H&M sales or even at Costco, and as soon as I wear through one, I shop for the next. It's a classic piece that goes with everything, and thus a must-have.
7. Fitted black crop top: I've owned a bunch of these in a couple different styles: long-sleeved, velvet, crochet-necked, short-sleeved, striped, and, most recently, mock-necked. As someone who exclusively wears high-waisted bottoms (especially skirts), this is the perfect go-to top.
8. Waterproof watch: Whether you regularly find yourself in water or not, having a waterproof watch is the best way to go to prevent having to replace your timepiece after forgetting to take it off even once. Brendan bought me my Invicta diving watch that can go up to 100 meters underwater, which makes leaving it on all the time easy to do without worrying about it.
9. Black pants: I bought a pair of black jean-style pants the summer before I went to college, and I've worn them regularly since then. They're nice enough to wear to a job interview, comfortable enough to wear traveling, and cute enough to wear on a regular basis.
10. Simple crystal studs: After years of looking for studs I could wear regularly, I finally just bought a pair of stainless steel tiny crystal studs. I've worn them every day since, either in my first ear piercing or the second. They perfectly accentuate any other earrings I wear, and are a super classic accessory to wear on their own.
11. A cross-body bag that fits all your stuff: I've cycled through dozens of these since I was twelve. Wearing a bag cross-body is the safest way to protect it from being stolen, and there are so many designs that are cute enough to wear on a regular basis. Plus, it's nice to have an accessory carry all your stuff as opposed to a backpack or tote bag, which might distract from your outfit.
12. Black booties: Right now, I'm rocking the Chelsea booties, but last year, I went with a super basic design from Sam Edelman. They're comfortable as hell, go with everything, and work in all seasons.
13. Black athletic leggings: When I was in high school, I used to roll my eyes at girls who wore Lulu Lemon or Gap Fit leggings to school. This year, I bought my first pair of athletic leggings, and I've never looked back (except to regret not trying them sooner). They're so comfortable that I could honestly live in them! The thick material makes them ideal to wear as pants, and they're made to breathe through changing external temperatures. Plus, the athletic material makes them perfect to wear in the rain; I wore mine through an unfortunate walk in the pouring rain and, while the rest of my clothes were completely soaked through, my legs were dry and comfortable when I finally got indoors.

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  1. Such a good selection of basic clothes to have in your wardrobe.