Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#TattooTuesday with Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos

At the beginning of the summer, I got some awesome Conscious Ink temporary tattoos. I've been trying them out periodically since I got them. I've tried temporary tattoos before, so I wasn't expecting to be nearly as inspired as I was by these particular tattoos. That said, I was very inspired, and I think it shows in my Instagram captions.

"A friendly reminder to myself and anyone who happens to see me, created by consciousink"
Ink: You are beautiful

"As much as I'm loving my chill summer in Seattle, it can be difficult to find the will to stay productive doing more than just the necessary day-to-day items on my to do list. This week's #tattootuesday reminds me that I have a sense of purpose beyond just existing; I am meant to thrive and do great things."
Ink: Purpose

"A fresh pedi & a new consciousink tat make for a happy#tattootuesday!"
Ink: Listen Listen

"Hell yeah I'm stoked! I have the rest of the week off to do art & go exploring, my sister is on her way to see me, and the weather is a manageable 75 F in Seattle right now ☀️ consciousink knows just how to help me wear my mood on my sleeve!"
Ink: Stoked

"My consciousink tattoo told me to 'be bold' so I took its advice and went for purple eyeshadow & orange lipstick. I love out-there makeup but don't always feel confident enough to wear it."
Ink: Be Bold

A wonderful woman at the library today inspired this ‪#‎TattooTuesday‬. After we discussed ‪#‎GirlPower‬ and how far the feminist movement had come since she was my age (and how far it still had to go), she paid me a great compliment that really made my day. She told me that she admired my patience and kindness as a tutor and that she wished she'd had someone like me to help her learn when she was a kid. It can be really hard to feel like our daily routine is actually worth something to the world, but this interaction reminded me that I am inherently powerful simply by doing what I do.
Ink: I am powerful

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