Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'm on Snapchat

After literal years of rolling my eyes at what I'd deemed a "stupid teenage fad", I've finally succumbed and reactivated my Snapchat account. What changed? I'd been thinking about getting one with my new phone (because I wouldn't have to worry about it taking up storage on my phone and the camera would take pictures worth sharing). Then, the day I got my phone from the Verizon store, I got this email from the Her Campus Blogger Network.

The email included two articles from other members of the Blogger Network detailing why it's essential that a blogger have a Snapchat. I read them both and was finally convinced to reactivate my account.

I must say: even though I've only been on Snapchat a couple days, I'm really great at it. I post a nice combo of blog/style related pictures and pictures of my day-to-day life. Follow me (or whatever the Snapchat term is) to see more snaps like the ones below: thehannahgold .

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  1. You really are a great Snapchatter. I really like Snapchat as well because it's easy & temporary. :]

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