Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How My Brows Have Grown

Eyebrows are kind of having a moment. People are paying more attention to their brows in their beauty routines than ever before. I know I've recently been working to get my eyebrows as on point as possible. Looking back at old pictures of me, the first thing I notice is my minimally-cared for brows. My brows have made quite the transition since I first started plucking them in middle school.

August 2009: I inherited my brows from both sides of my family. The brown color and light density is from my mom, while the insanely long hair is from my dad. I started plucking them when I was in middle school because a cousin of mine had learned how to do it and wanted to gift us all with the gift of manageable brows.

November 2011: I must have taken the thin brow trend seriously long after it's expiration date in the mid-2000's. That, and I have a terrible habit of pulling out my eyebrow hairs when I'm nervous. At least there's a shape there.

November 2012: This was taken during one of the 3 weeks my family was in Bali my senior year of high school. I remember that none of us had remembered a pair of tweezers and my family's brows were consequently out of control. It looks like a break from plucking is just what my brows needed; don't they look much more natural and filled-in than the last picture?

May 2013: Look how little Brendan and I look in this picture from our first prom together! My brows are a little uneven; I didn't have a lot of time (or money) my senior year of high school to get them professionally done or even touched-up.

November 2013: Once I got to college, I had a hard time maintaining my usual beauty routine in my cramped dorm room. These uneven, scraggly brows are brought to you by me trying to grow them out to achieve a more natural eyebrow look.

July 2014: My freshman roommate gave me my first e.l.f. eyebrow palette when we left school, and I did not look at a single tutorial before I started using it regularly. This is evident in the unnatural look of my brows in this picture. I started getting into my brows just a month or two before this picture was taken, which explains the decent shape.

September 2014: This was the thickest my eyebrows have ever been. I wanted a natural shape, which made them a little bushier than I was expecting.

November 2014: A single session at the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy's totally changed my brow game. I asked for "Kardashian brows" and was beyond pleased with the results. This has become the shape that I maintain and I finally learned how to use my eyebrow products correctly. 

July 2015: After 8 months without professional maintenance, I'd say my brows are still looking pretty good. It can be hard to keep the shape up by myself, which is why I use a e.l.f. lifter and treatment to really play up the shape and keep each hair in place.

Looking back, it's strange to see how my brow maintenance routine has so drastically change. I even notice how different my face looks depending on my brow shape. It's taken six years for me to master my eyebrows; I wonder what's next?

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