Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spaces and Faces: Summer Home

I've been in my place in Seattle for months now, and am just now doing a post about my room. Oops! I figured I may as well before I start moving things out at the end of the month.

Welcome to my room! This summer, I'm living in a quad apartment right off campus while I tutor, walk dogs, babysit, and do other miscellaneous jobs to try to provide for myself.

The paintings in my room are 2/3 Emily Lane originals. She keeps painting things and leaving them at my house, and I keep hanging them up. These pictures are some of my favorite outfits for inspiration above my mirror.

I finally have enough space in my room to get a clothing rack, which is awesome because my "secret" goal is to turn my whole room into a closet.

These purses are some of the most valuable things I own: both because they're designer and used to belong to my mom. I showcase them on my wall using large Command Hooks.

I've spent years building my jewelry collection, including pieces that I got from my Bat Mitzvah and that I've acquired overseas. I created space for the clutches underneath by using this tray table that I got from Goodwill and decorated myself.

Luxe even gets her own space in my room this summer. I decorated her feeding area with a cute towel I got at Value Village and some pictures of my family's first dog, Brandi.

I love my desk area; it probably stems from my love for organizing and office supplies. The pictures are a classic Pinterest DIY, and feature some of my favorite places in the world.

I think someone's space says a lot about who they are. I'm excited to share my space with you!

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