Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Date at the Oregon Zoo

Whenever we see each other, Brendan and I prioritize going on dates. After more than two years, we've gone on quite a few dates, doing everything from dinner and a movie to stargazing in the middle of the lake to road tripping around the state. I love spending time with him no matter what we do, but every now and then we go on a really awesome date. Our last date before he left was one of those awesome dates: a date to the Oregon Zoo.

We saw a lot of animals at the zoo (duh). We saw... a bird!

A bear!

An eagle!

A goat!




A monkey!

A hippo!


A cheetah!

An elephant!

Sea anemones!

I had so much fun seeing all the animals and walking around such a beautiful area with my boyfriend. I felt like a child: happy and carefree. 

Brendan's favorite animal was the hippo. I liked the sea otters, but they were all really cool!

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