Monday, August 31, 2015

OOTD: Graffiti Girl

I've never actually made graffiti before, but I've had a lengthy infatuation with street art. This street near Pike Place Market is so beautiful and full of awesome street art. It was the perfect background for my "casual non-tourist visiting tourist sites" outfit that I wore specifically for Pike Place.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Date at the Oregon Zoo

Whenever we see each other, Brendan and I prioritize going on dates. After more than two years, we've gone on quite a few dates, doing everything from dinner and a movie to stargazing in the middle of the lake to road tripping around the state. I love spending time with him no matter what we do, but every now and then we go on a really awesome date. Our last date before he left was one of those awesome dates: a date to the Oregon Zoo.

We saw a lot of animals at the zoo (duh). We saw... a bird!

A bear!

An eagle!

A goat!




A monkey!

A hippo!


A cheetah!

An elephant!

Sea anemones!

I had so much fun seeing all the animals and walking around such a beautiful area with my boyfriend. I felt like a child: happy and carefree. 

Brendan's favorite animal was the hippo. I liked the sea otters, but they were all really cool!

Monday, August 24, 2015

When I Root, I Root For the Timbers

My summer may have been a flurry of scrambling to make stuff happen, but Brendan's summer was filled with soccer, soccer, and more soccer. As an intern for the Portland Timbers Football Club, his days have been spent analyzing soccer statistics and his nights have been spent watching both local and international soccer matches. Whenever I was in town on the night of a soccer game, he would take me to see the Timbers play at Providence Park. As a result, I've spent the summer becoming a bit of a Timbers fan myself.

This ticket was from my very first Timbers game (though not my very first soccer game).

Whenever the Timbers score at home, green and yellow "smoke" bursts from the Timbers Army section.

The Timbers Army is so awesome– they fill their section every game and bring cool flags, banners, and have even developed chants that rock the stadium.

On his last day of the summer, Brendan took me on a tour of Providence Park. It was really cool seeing the field that I'd been to all summer up-close.

At every game, Timber Joey wields a (chain-less) chainsaw and walks around the field getting the crowd riled up. Whenever the Timbers score, he slices off a piece of the log, which the goal scorer gets to hold up at the end of the game.

I'm so proud of Brendan for having found an awesome job doing what he loves. We had a great summer as Timbers fans and I'm looking forward to many more seasons as Timbers fans in the future!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashionista Friday: White Statement Nails

Photos from: CollegeFashionista, Dahlia Nails, RainPow Nails, and My Little Nails.

Photos from: Dahlia Nails, Sugar Coated Nails, Nails Maniac, and Callais Nails.

I'll admit: I've never been too into nail art. Sure, I've tried it, but I've never really seemed to *get* it. When I met this Fashionista on the street, though, I kind of fell in love with her nails and was inspired to find more white statement nail looks.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

OOTD: Summer Uniform

This outfit accurately represents what I've been wearing all summer; my summer uniform, if you will. As a tutor, I try to present myself in an appropriate manner, so I've been wearing high necks and knee-length skirts or dresses. I have 3 dresses in this exact style, and several shirt-skirt combinations that imitate the style. I also like that this style works well in the heat we've been experiencing in Seattle this summer; especially because I walk 2-3 miles every day.

I bought these shoes as my first pair of tennis shoes in five + years and I've found they're particularly useful on days when I have to walk to a tutoring session and then walk dogs immediately after. I'm still working on breaking them in, though.

 I love to wear a statement necklace when I wear a high neck, so I've been wearing lots of statement necklaces this summer. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a look instead of just some clothing.

It's been too hot in Seattle for me to wear a lot of makeup without worrying about sweating it off. So, I've been rocking a cat-eye, well-groomed eyebrows, and lipstick, but skipping the mascara and anything that's not waterproof. I've also been wearing my hair in a bun nearly every day to keep my hair from sticking to my neck.

Say hello to my second Rocksbox! After the last one, I was so excited to see what this one had in store for me. I was so pleased with the statement necklace and bracelet, and the simple stud earrings were so classic that I wore them to an interview I had yesterday. Remember to use my Rocksbox code, hannahgoldxoxo or HANNAHBFF276, to sign up for Rocksbox and receive a free month of the service!