Monday, July 20, 2015

A Weekend in Portland, OR

After spending the last two academic years (and the next two years, for that matter) doing long distance, Brendan and I are so glad to be within driving distance of each other this summer. We're able to see each other every weekend; he's spent a couple weekends up in Seattle with me, and I just spent my second weekend down in Portland with him.

Of course we had to hit up Powell's Books, by far one of my favorite book stores in the world. It's well-known for its vast shelves filled to the brim with books and its many expansive floors.

We also did some exploring around the Pearl District. I love that area of Portland – I grew up visiting it with my parents, who loved the industrial-turned-artsy feel of the area.

Of course, we found a couple SUPER hipster stores in the Pearl. This particular store sold children's toys, men's and women's clothing, and an assortment of home decor. Plus, it was decorated so well.

On my last night, Brendan made me dinner: steak and caprese salad. I love a good home-cooked meal, especially since moving out of my childhood home and realizing just how much effort goes into a real meal.

I love my adventures with Brendan, and I'm excited for more in the future! The next two weekends we'll be back in Bend and down to the Bay Area, which will be very fun.

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  1. Powell's Books looks like a dream!!!! I love all things related to books so it looks like I'll have to stop by when I visit :)

    Thank you for sending me your link at the bdib chat!!

    xx Shirley