Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Women's World Cup USA Vs. NGA

Since dating Brendan, my interest in soccer has significantly increased. I have a history with soccer: I played (poorly) through middle school and was raised in an environment where soccer was more important a sport than football. So, when Brendan suggested we go to a Women's World Cup game, I was immediately on board. What's better than supporting a bunch of badass women from my country while having the excuse to get decked out in patriotic gear?

The crowd was almost exclusively American supporters. Vancouver is just right over the border, after all, making the game easily accessible by many Pacific Northwest-natives.

I'd never been to a stadium this big. After attending Timbers games at Providence Park, which seats 22,000 at most, being in a stadium with 52,192 other people was completely crazy. 

The stadium was packed full of red, white, and blue.

After a fairly tight game, USA was able to score in the first half and maintain their lead to secure a win. It was so rad to feel the energy of both the USA fans and the players when the final whistle was blown!

Disclaimer: none of the American stuff I'm sporting is actually mine. I borrowed the shirt from Brendan and his cousins lent me this little flag. I do feel I nailed the rest of the outfit with this denim vest, a pair of cowboy boots, and red, white, and blue clothing.

We spent a couple hours exploring the city before the game. We even happened to stumble upon Mia Hamm at one point, though there was too much of a crowd around her to manage a picture. We were worried our attire would scream "American tourist," but the area surrounding the stadium was swamped with even more decked out super fans.

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