Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Metolius River

One of my dad's favorite places in the world is the Metolius River. I grew up hearing stories about him and my mom fishing the Metolius, sometimes with me or my siblings strapped to their front. Since moving closer to the Metolius, my family has spent a lot more time visiting the river. We've spent half of the Father's Days there since moving to Central Oregon fifteen years ago. I was lucky enough to be home for Father's Day this year, and our family (minus Riley and plus Brendan) went up to the Metolius this year.

Brendan and I are so cute that my sister took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Photos by Lauren Goldstein 

We've taken this family picture in the same place many times. It's so cute to see the difference between each picture as the years have gone by.

I also got to spend time with my cousins and their cute four-month-old babies. Brendan tried to get Luxe to act like Audrey, the baby on my lap, but Luxe wasn't going for it.

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