Monday, June 29, 2015

Capitol Hill Pride

This weekend was truly monumental in LGBTQ* history. Friday marked the SCOTUS decision to legalize non-traditional marriage on a federal level, which was the perfect way to end LGBTQ* Pride Month and kick off Pride Weekend. This was also the first time in my twenty years on Earth that I've been able to attend a PrideFest.

I've loved seeing my neighborhood and city get involved in Pride Month. Companies and individuals alike joined together to participate in awesome programs like the SPD Safe Place, which offers LGBTQ* individuals safe places to turn to in case of hate crimes. Plus, there were rainbows everywhere, which was both supportive and lots of fun!

These rainbow sidewalks were unveiled by Mayor Murray himself last week. They're scattered across Capitol Hill as a way of acknowledging and celebrating this historically LGBTQ*-friendly neighborhood. I love this long-lasting proof of Pride!

Brendan let me paint his nails rainbow and we matched! It was a very fun excursion for all three of us (me, him, and Luxe).

I regret having spent so little time in my life actively supporting the LGBTQ* community. Since high school and especially since coming to Seattle, I've been working to understand the movements and struggles the LGBTQ* communities across the world undergo. This knowledge is helping me understand my role as an Ally. It's important to me that I don't tread on the toes of anyone inherently involved in the movement. I want to use my voice and privilege as a loudspeaker, not as a separate voice speaking my own opinions or beliefs. While I'm working on learning and getting more involved in the LGBTQ* movement, I'm enjoying the festivities along the way.

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