Monday, June 22, 2015

Bad Blood

As a strong believer in the female friendship, I simply adore Taylor Swift and her girl gang. Like many women in my generation, I grew up hearing that boys make better friends because they "don't come with drama." This can be true (to an extent), but that largely discounts the benefits a female friendship has to offer. Friendship is not measured in presence of drama, after all. Female friendships are empathetic, supportive, and well worth having.
This is my attempt at transitioning into talking about Taylor Swift's latest music video for her song "Bad Blood." For lack of better words, I'm obsessed with this video. It's all about badass women in hardcore clothing rallying around Taylor Swift to have her back in an epic showdown. See it below:

After seeing this video (a couple dozen times), I was inspired to create a look that could fit into this kickass video. 

All photos by Emily Lane

I even let Luxe get in on the fun!

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