Monday, June 29, 2015

Capitol Hill Pride

This weekend was truly monumental in LGBTQ* history. Friday marked the SCOTUS decision to legalize non-traditional marriage on a federal level, which was the perfect way to end LGBTQ* Pride Month and kick off Pride Weekend. This was also the first time in my twenty years on Earth that I've been able to attend a PrideFest.

I've loved seeing my neighborhood and city get involved in Pride Month. Companies and individuals alike joined together to participate in awesome programs like the SPD Safe Place, which offers LGBTQ* individuals safe places to turn to in case of hate crimes. Plus, there were rainbows everywhere, which was both supportive and lots of fun!

These rainbow sidewalks were unveiled by Mayor Murray himself last week. They're scattered across Capitol Hill as a way of acknowledging and celebrating this historically LGBTQ*-friendly neighborhood. I love this long-lasting proof of Pride!

Brendan let me paint his nails rainbow and we matched! It was a very fun excursion for all three of us (me, him, and Luxe).

I regret having spent so little time in my life actively supporting the LGBTQ* community. Since high school and especially since coming to Seattle, I've been working to understand the movements and struggles the LGBTQ* communities across the world undergo. This knowledge is helping me understand my role as an Ally. It's important to me that I don't tread on the toes of anyone inherently involved in the movement. I want to use my voice and privilege as a loudspeaker, not as a separate voice speaking my own opinions or beliefs. While I'm working on learning and getting more involved in the LGBTQ* movement, I'm enjoying the festivities along the way.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fashionista Friday: The Jungle Look

Photos via: Messages on a Napkin, CollegeFashionista, Atlantic // Pacific, Zory Mory, and Allergic to Vanilla

Photos via: CollegeFashionista, Girls Off Fifth, Lace & Locks, A Lacey Perspective, and The Viva Luxury

I've experimented with preppy style in the past, but this jungle print featured in my latest CollegeFashionista post is by far one of my favorite preppy trends. Of course, I couldn't help but accessorize the print with all black, including a faux leather jacket and chunky sandals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Metolius River

One of my dad's favorite places in the world is the Metolius River. I grew up hearing stories about him and my mom fishing the Metolius, sometimes with me or my siblings strapped to their front. Since moving closer to the Metolius, my family has spent a lot more time visiting the river. We've spent half of the Father's Days there since moving to Central Oregon fifteen years ago. I was lucky enough to be home for Father's Day this year, and our family (minus Riley and plus Brendan) went up to the Metolius this year.

Brendan and I are so cute that my sister took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Photos by Lauren Goldstein 

We've taken this family picture in the same place many times. It's so cute to see the difference between each picture as the years have gone by.

I also got to spend time with my cousins and their cute four-month-old babies. Brendan tried to get Luxe to act like Audrey, the baby on my lap, but Luxe wasn't going for it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bad Blood

As a strong believer in the female friendship, I simply adore Taylor Swift and her girl gang. Like many women in my generation, I grew up hearing that boys make better friends because they "don't come with drama." This can be true (to an extent), but that largely discounts the benefits a female friendship has to offer. Friendship is not measured in presence of drama, after all. Female friendships are empathetic, supportive, and well worth having.
This is my attempt at transitioning into talking about Taylor Swift's latest music video for her song "Bad Blood." For lack of better words, I'm obsessed with this video. It's all about badass women in hardcore clothing rallying around Taylor Swift to have her back in an epic showdown. See it below:

After seeing this video (a couple dozen times), I was inspired to create a look that could fit into this kickass video. 

All photos by Emily Lane

I even let Luxe get in on the fun!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashionista Friday: Floral Lace

Photos via: CollegeFashionista, The Beauty Bybel, Atlantic // Pacific, Sweenee Style, Girl With Curves, and Hapa Time.

Photos via: Wendy's Lookbook, Fresh Fizzle, Pink Avenue, Micah Gianneli, CollegeFashionista, and Lovely Pepa.

Lace and floral are two of the sweetest trends out there. Why not combine the two, either as floral patterned lace or pairing lace with floral, for the sweetest look possible? Read more about how to wear lace in my latest post for CollegeFashionista, and peruse these pictures for inspiration.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Women's World Cup USA Vs. NGA

Since dating Brendan, my interest in soccer has significantly increased. I have a history with soccer: I played (poorly) through middle school and was raised in an environment where soccer was more important a sport than football. So, when Brendan suggested we go to a Women's World Cup game, I was immediately on board. What's better than supporting a bunch of badass women from my country while having the excuse to get decked out in patriotic gear?

The crowd was almost exclusively American supporters. Vancouver is just right over the border, after all, making the game easily accessible by many Pacific Northwest-natives.

I'd never been to a stadium this big. After attending Timbers games at Providence Park, which seats 22,000 at most, being in a stadium with 52,192 other people was completely crazy. 

The stadium was packed full of red, white, and blue.

After a fairly tight game, USA was able to score in the first half and maintain their lead to secure a win. It was so rad to feel the energy of both the USA fans and the players when the final whistle was blown!

Disclaimer: none of the American stuff I'm sporting is actually mine. I borrowed the shirt from Brendan and his cousins lent me this little flag. I do feel I nailed the rest of the outfit with this denim vest, a pair of cowboy boots, and red, white, and blue clothing.

We spent a couple hours exploring the city before the game. We even happened to stumble upon Mia Hamm at one point, though there was too much of a crowd around her to manage a picture. We were worried our attire would scream "American tourist," but the area surrounding the stadium was swamped with even more decked out super fans.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fashionista Friday: Tattoos Galore

Photos via: CollegeFashionista, GypsyLovinLight, Conscious Ink, Free People, and Forever 21

Photos via: Lulu DK (1 and 2), Sofia, Conscious Ink, and GypsyLovinLight

In all honesty, I'm completely obsessed with temporary tattoos. I've wanted a tattoo since I was 16 but, haven't been able to get one yet. I can't exactly spare an extra $150 and even if I could, there's a good chance it'd only fuel a tattoo addiction. Since discovering adult temporary tattoos, I've established that I could very easily be covered in tattoos without being able to stop myself. Plus, metallic tattoos are all the rage right now, something you can't get in a real tattoo.