Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shopping on a Budget

A couple of months ago, I wrote on the very basis of this blog for a CollegeFashionista Thoughts and Musings piece: shopping on $40 a month. I'm really proud of how it turned out, as it got the most views any of my CollegeFashionista pieces have ever gotten and was even featured on the front page of the site for a while!

I've written on this subject on several occasions, the most notable of which I believe include my original post on saving money while shopping, a post on what not to buy, and a recent post on making an easy-to-follow budget. The more I write on shopping on a budget, the more I consider myself a good source of information and advice on the subject.

I'm really proud of this CollegeFashionista post because it felt really good to write about something I feel qualified to write about for a platform that I admire both as an intern and a reader of the site. Plus, while developing my list of ways to shop on a budget, I went back through my archives to read through previous lists on the subject and was able to see how my personal blog has developed and grown in the last year or so. I feel accomplished both as a blogger and as an intern for CollegeFashionista.

I also read through other bloggers' lists of ways to shop on a budget in preparation for writing this piece. I found some really great posts and advice that I've compiled into a list of some of my favorites:

Don't forget to read the piece that sparked this blog post!

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