Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Week at Harvard University

This spring break, I was lucky enough to spend the week with my cute boyfriend at Harvard. I loved exploring the Cambridge area and Boston with my best friend. The timing was also perfect because my parents and sister were in the area checking out colleges, so I got to see them, too! I've already posted about my amazing experience at the Her Campus Headquarters, but here are the rest of the pictures I took on the trip.

We had our first date night in months at this super cute restaurant.

Brendan was placed into his house at Harvard (sadly, there are little to no similarities between the Harvard houses and Hogwarts houses) just a couple weeks before I got there, so he got to show me around his home for the next three years.

My sister was so sweet to invite me to come on a college tour with her. I wasn't impressed by Boston University when I had toured it my sophomore year of high school, but this time around I was more than impressed. Plus, it was a really cool experience to tour one of my sister's dream schools with her.

My parents took me and Brendan out to dinner a couple times. The last night, we went to John Harvard's in Harvard Square.

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Seriously... How cute is my sister?

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  1. your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to visit Boston eventually! x,kenz