Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year, New Wardrobe

It's a new year and, of course, I've been shopping recently to update my wardrobe. Check out what I've been buying/looking for below!

I know this color seems bland, but it simply screams "chic" on the right piece. Camel coats in particular are way up on my shopping list this season.

The reasoning behind this purchase is a little strange, but here it is: I love the way it flows out behind me when I walk. I feel like a princess in modern attire!

I mean... Can you think of a time when I wasn't obsessed with faux fur? Forever 21's current sale re-reminded me of my thirst for more faux fur in my closet, and it's too cold out to justify NOT buying something that will help keep me warm.

I've been so conflicted the last year or two about heels on my shoes. On the one hand, this simple piece makes an entire outfit look chic and fabulous with no real effort. On the other hand, my poor ex-ballerina feet can despise me when I wear heels for too long. Right now I'm stuck on loving heels, and heeled booties in particular!

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