Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Celebrate in the City

It's almost impossible to forget my mom's birthday: January 23rd, or 1-2-3. This year my mom made a point of coming to Seattle with my dad and sister to celebrate, which was particularly exciting considering she'd also come up for my birthday in November. Having family in town means having an excuse to do super touristy things I probably wouldn't do on my own. I even went to the Space Needle for the first time!

Blue and green lights to support the Seahawks in their second Superbowl in a row! Everything in the city features either blue and green or some 12th man paraphernalia. 

My dad and sister are definitely the art buffs of the family, and spent at least an hour staring at this single painting. Meanwhile, my mom and I covered the entirety of the Seattle Art Museum in the same time it took for them to go through one exhibit.

The top of the Space Needle was even more photogenic than the Space Needle itself.

All we were missing for the perfect family weekend was my brother. There's always next trip!

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