Sunday, November 2, 2014

20th Birthday Wish list

It's officially my favorite time of year: the week before my birthday! I am someone who loves being celebrated, and I absolutely enforce that on my birthday. Part of being celebrated, of course, is getting presents. So, what's on my wish list this year?

This has been my favorite color in fashion for quite some time, and my discovery of this cobalt blue CĂ©line bag has only enhanced that.

I've recently realized that I onlyhave one pair of non-heeled shoes (my rain boots) that I can still wear in the rain. So, I need some booties without a heel, and I'm all about leopard print right now.

When I feel like my outfit is boring or uninspired but I'm too comfortable to change, I turn to makeup to step up my look. Cream eyeliner, nail stickers, hair chalk, colored mascara, and other interesting makeup makes it easy to look like I made an effort.

This is another way to make a boring outfit interesting, and having a variety to choose from is nice.

I never went through a t-shirt phase as a child or middle schooler, so I guess it makes sense that I'm now all about graphic slogan items. I love slogans on things other than t-shirts, like sweaters and hats.

As rainy as it is in Seattle, I've never actually owned an umbrella before. I recently realized that it's essential if I'm wearing a cute outfit that I don't want to ruin with a bulky rain jacket.

As much as I love my Coach wallet, I think it's time for me to retire the trifold after 7 years. I'm ready for something a little bigger that can make more of a statement.