Friday, November 28, 2014

Fashionista Friday: Hair to Dye For

Shoes: Similar from DailyLook
Dress: Similar from Lulu*s
Cardigan: Similar from JollyChic
Jacket: Similar from Target
Scarf: Similar from ROMWE

I've always wanted to dye my whole head of hair some awesome color like this, but I've yet to work up the courage. My latest CollegeFashionista post, however, lets me kind of live vicariously through this lovely Fashionista.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Spread the Gratitude

I am so absolutely fortunate every single day of my life. Though I, like every human to ever have lived, still face struggles and challenges in my life, these obstacles are manageable. I am grateful for this and many other things in my life, though I know I could always be more expressive in this gratitude. I figure today on Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to evaluate all the wonderful things in my life, as well as what I can do with my life to bring a little fortune to others.

1. I'm thankful for my opportunities for higher education. I love Seattle University and everything that comes with being a college student.
         How I can spread the gratitude: Most universities accept donations to their scholarship funds (merit, sports, or other) by alumni. Access to higher education shouldn't be determined by access to a certain kind of finances.

2. I'm thankful for art as a way to keep my emotions in check and express myself. I may not be a very good painter, but I really do like it!
        How I can spread the gratitude: There are countless programs that let artists of all skill levels volunteer to spread creativity and love for art to those who may not have other opportunities to engage in art.

3. I'm thankful for my giant & crazy family... And for being able to see them at least once a year!
      How I can spread the gratitude: Some kids aren't lucky enough to have great role models in their cousins or other relatives, but there are plenty of programs that offer these kids with volunteers that can serve as an extended family!

4. I'm thankful for the great food I get around the holiday season and the wonderful friends and family I have to share it with.
     How I can share the gratitude: Organizations that feed the homeless always need volunteers and donations, especially around the holiday season.

5. I'm thankful for how frequently I'm able to travel. I love being able to see the world and experience things different from what I'm used to. Plus, there are some really beautiful places out there!
      How I can share the gratitude: As a past exchange student myself, I love the idea of giving back to other exchange students either by hosting or helping sponsor an exchange student.

Luxe says... "I'm thankful for having a loving and caring home!" Living on the streets and in animal shelters is hard, especially compared to the love that comes with a stable home environment.
      How I can share the gratitude: Volunteering at local animal shelters and donating food to animal shelters helps out our furry friends an awful lot.

I'm thankful for an awful lot in my life, and Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse for me to express and share that gratitude. What do you do with the things in your life that you're grateful for? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Nail Trends

The holiday season isn't quite complete with a cool new series of #manimonday. From new colors to innovative designs, it's pretty amazing what nail artists do around this time of year. Here are some easy-to-replicate favorites of mine!

I'm obsessed with artist Christina Drejenstam's glamorous illustrations...

Check out Chasing Shadows' Nailpolis profile and see more of her work.

My own holiday nails were easy to do: I just used a dotting tool (easily replaced with a toothpick)!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year, but I have to admit, I love dressing for every holiday regardless of which one it is. Thanksgiving is especially fun to dress for because you're not trying to impress anyone but yourself, and maybe a couple relatives that don't exactly understand the direction you're life is going in. So, take this opportunity to dress up in your dream fall outfit and receive loving compliments from your parents (even if the outfit might not end up looking like a dream).

Belted scarf/sweater combo

Chambray and midi a-line skirt

Wool skirt and sweater

Yellow turtleneck

Friday, November 21, 2014

What I've Learned From CollegeFashionista

After a crazy hectic week, I didn't have time to write a CollegeFashionista post this week. So, in lieu of a Fashionista Friday post, I'm taking this time to reflect on the awesome semester I've had as a Style Guru.

  1. Deadlines are not optional. When you're part of a team, people are counting on you to do your part when you say you will do it.
  2. If you don't find the opportunity you're looking for, create your own. You never need to settle professionally (or romantically or otherwise for that matter). You can create your own vision if you work hard and have clear goals.
  3. Communication is key. I get between 3-5 emails from CollegeFashionista every week and let me tell you, I always understand my job and I don't miss events or deadlines. 
  4. J.Crew doesn't have a space in the name, and kate spade is not capitalized.
  5. If you're going to do something, do it right. An iPhone photo is only so quality. Why not take the extra couple seconds to pull out an actual camera to snap a better quality pic?
Register for CollegeFashionista and follow your favorite Style Gurus (like me!) to get the full CollegeFashionista experience.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekly Sales Report: November 20

25% off layers
Expiration date: November 21

25% off with promo code FAB25
Expiration date: November 23

40% off party dresses
Expiration date: November 25

50%-80% off Thanksgiving sale
Expiration date: November 27

Up to 70% off
Expiration date: December 25
My pick: this maxi coat

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Layer Up

As a born-and-raised Oregonian, the word "layers" pretty much defines my childhood wardrobe. To this day I base both my styling and purchasing decisions on how easy they are to layer. As a result of 20 years of layering, I consider myself an expert on the subject. As the year turns to winter, take my advice and layer up to ensure maximum comfort in the colder weather.

It sounds silly, but you have to start with a thick and/or tall pair of socks to really layer correctly. If your feet aren't warm, there's no way the rest of you will be!

One of my least favorite things about winter is that most buildings overcompensate for the cold outside by making inside way too warm. Avoid the "transition sweats" by wearing a tank or short-sleeved shirt underneath everything that you can strip down to upon entering a warm building.

Like a long-sleeve shirt but easier (and more acceptable) to take off in public if you find yourself overheating.

I wear my cardigan over my sweatshirt and typically take it off with my jacket. Just remember to hold onto any long sleeves you're wearing underneath to prevent them from sliding up under your cardigan.

A basic coat is a necessary basic staple to have in your closet: you'll never go cold for fear of wearing a mismatched outfit.

If it gets too warm, unravel it and let it hang from your neck. I also use my scarves as a bed for Luxe when I take them off inside, say, the library.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Will Love This

The best and worst part of being a shopaholic is that there are so many stores to shop at. As different as most of them are, there are some that are similar enough to be able to shop at interchangeably. Here are some of my favorite lesser-known stores that are great alternatives to stores you've gotten tired of looking through.

If you're looking for something eccentric and on-trend, browse ROMWE's website after you're done on asos.

Free People is basically a haven for free spirits, but Nectar offers the same stuff at lower prices.

Not only do Amazon Fashion and Sammy Dress sell a lot of the same things (literally!) but Sammy Dress does so with the help of accurate and detailed reviews of other customers.

Zara isn't the only store that offers simple elegance: you can get the same classic items at Mango for less!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lazy Makeup Tips

We all have those days: you wake up late or too tired to function, and you find yourself running to class ready for your #nomakeup selfie. As nice as it can be to intentionally go without makeup sometimes (or even most of the time), it can be hard on your self esteem to have to leave the house without makeup on days when you know you'd be more confident if you had even some eyeliner or mascara on. Well, after years of figuring out the best ways to put on makeup in a pinch, I have a couple tips for you.

If you have... 5 minutes

Liquid eyeliner may be impossible, but you don't have to waste the time and energy getting the same look. I exclusively use eyeliner pens because they give the same look as liquid eyeliner without all the hassle!

If you have... 4 minutes

For a more subtle look, use a single coat of super thick mascara (like Benefit's "they're real!" mascara). If you're looking for something a little more dramatic, you can curl your eyelashes and/or apply multiple layers of mascara.

If you have... 3 minutes

Lip stains or other long-lasting lip color are a lazy girl's makeup savior. I personally swear by this e.l.f. lip stain– it stays on all day after one application, and doesn't smear or rub off on your coffee cup throughout the day.

If you have... 2 minutes

You may not be awake, but no one will ever be able to tell if you apply white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger, giving you a more alert look.

If you have... 1 minute

This might technically be cheating as it doesn't require any makeup application, but it's still something I do at least once a week. Wet a q-tip and wipe the under part of your eye to ensure your smudged eyeliner looks purposeful and head on out!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Ball '14

Who says college kids can't have school formals? Yesterday I boarded a yellow school bus in a formal dress and headed over to the EMP (Experience Music Project) for a truly lovely evening. I actually originally bought this dress for my cousin's wedding, but it didn't arrive in time so I had to find another excuse to wear it.