Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's In My (Book) Bag

A couple months ago I did a post showing you all what I carry around with me in my bag. Nowadays, the only bag I carry around on a regular basis is my book bag. So, what do I bring to school with me that keeps me prepared for class and the general hectic-ness of the day?

  1. An awesome Maya Moon keychain.
  2. My handy-dandy to do list.
  3. My favorite Melissa and Doug markers.
  4. My prized Lilly Pulitzer agenda.
  5. College-ruled notebooks.
  6. Cough drops (every season is flu season in a dorm).
  7. My cute and indistinguishable pill box.
  8. A 100 pack of notecards.
  9. A mini stapler.
  10. My camera in its adorable little carrying case.
  11. Highlighters (and lots of them).
  12. My CollegeFashionista notebook.
  13. Sticky notes.
  14. "Purse snacks," usually a Luna Bar.
  15. Lots and lots of blue pens.

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