Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The C Word

I was probably 14 when I accepted that I would probably get cancer at some point in my life. I know this is a terribly morbid way to open a blog post and for that I apologize, but when dealing with cancer, I've found honesty is really the only way to address the subject. I come from a family of cancer butt-kickers, be it as mild as an unusual mole or as invasive as breast cancer. Unfortunately, my family, like many others around the world, has lost several wonderful people to various types of cancer.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to promoting methods of prevention and raising money for research and other forms of help for those who can't afford the invasive and often expensive procedures. While there may not be a cure for cancer yet, there is still so much we as a community can do to help our fellow humans kick cancer'sbutt or avoid having to do so in the first place.

You can find hundreds of sites and posts dedicated to fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, the history of the month, breast cancer statistics, and other breast cancer-related subjects. When I was in seventh grade I made my very own website dedicated to the cause as part of my Mitzvah project, though I wish I could remember the URL/if I even still have it. I'm certainly no expert on breast cancer (though my grandmother is an expert on kicking its butt!), and I unfortunately do not have the time or resources to organize ways to aid those dealing with breast cancer. What I do have is a blog with a decent following and a passion for fashion.

So, as shallow as this seems, I'm here to tell you to make an effort to wear pink this month. Aside from being one of my favorite colors, pink is the color of the breast cancer ribbon, and has become commonly associated with breast cancer over the years. Wear pink regardless of your age and gender because this month, pink is not a color in your wardrobe: it is a statement and conversation starter. Raise awareness about breast cancer in your community-- the symptoms, methods of prevention, how we can help find the cure, and how every single person can contribute to creating a helpful and loving environment for those busy kicking cancer's butt.Wear pink and raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so that one day society will only have to wear pink if they want to.

If you're looking to kill two metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone (as I often am), there are plenty of organizations that create and sell pink merchandise and donate the proceeds to cancer research. Choose Hope, The Breast Cancer Site, the Keep A Breast Foundation through Forever 21, and Susan G. Komen are all working to both fight cancer and make cute clothing. For more, check out my list below.

I was 14 years old when I accepted that I would probably get cancer at some point in my life, but it was then that I also realized that cancer can't stop people from loving you. This month, I'm wearing pink for everyone I love in my life who has been affected by breast cancer whether through kicking its butt or supporting someone in their fight. I hope you join me in raising awareness.

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