Monday, October 27, 2014

My Favorite Things 10/26

When I was going through really rough times in high school, I would do this thing where I would write down things I liked at the end of every day. It was similar to Oprah's Favorite Things, only intended for my eyes only instead of the masses of people who follow Oprah. As we wane into winter, I'm trying to find light everywhere I can. I'm hoping that, by making a list of things I have enjoyed this week, I'll find it easier to look forward to another week of being able to enjoy other things.

My first Favorite Things list accompanies this Instagram post. I can already tell it's going to be a long week– I have 2 midterms and a flight on Friday an hour after my final class of the day gets out.

  1.  Liquid highlighters: As I mentioned, I have 2 midterms this week, so I've been doing quite a bit of studying. I like liquid highlighters as opposed to ink highlighters because they have a crisper and cleaner color.
  2. Elastic headband: I'm so all about leopard print right now, but it's hard putting together an outfit that will still be comfortable after I've spent a couple hours in the same seat in the library. This headband adds a touch of cute while serving a critical function of keeping my hair out of my eyes while I'm hunched over a textbook.
  3. Marc Jacobs sunglasses: Again with the leopard print! It's been raining off-and-on this last week, but it's always miserable being caught in a moment of sun without sunglasses. These have a nice yellow tint that make them easy to wear in both the rain and the sun.
  4. Mini ear cuff: Another way to add some style to an otherwise lazy and uninspired outfit.
  5. Mint Runa: I have an 8 am class twice a week, and getting out of bed is hard on those days. I like Runa because it's delicious and energizing but doesn't feel as heavy as coffee does. 
  6. Maya Moon leather lanyard: I recently figured out how to clip my keys to Luxe's leash with this lanyard. It's cute and functional– a must right now.
  7. Clinique lipliner: I'm on a life quest to make my lips look as amazing as Kylie Jenner's, and lip liner is a pretty essential tool in this journey. 
  8. Sewing scissors: After the Project Runway season 13 finale last Thursday, I've suddenly been inspired to start sewing again. It's a great creative outlet without being too physically or emotionally taxing.
Do you have any favorite things this week worth sharing? Let me know in the comments below!

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