Monday, September 1, 2014

Don't sacrifice style for comfort

... Or vica versa! I will preach dressing comfortably to infinity and beyond. Luckily, this no longer means walking out of the house in shame for lack of creativity in the common sweat-sweatshirt combo. Dressing comfortably and stylishly takes some getting used to, but it's so worth it!

Don't knock the aforementioned sweat-sweatshirt combo; it can be interesting if you choose the right pieces. I prefer sweats, tees, and sweatshirts in lighter colors like these grays-- it doesn't call so much attention to the fact that you're wearing sweats, a tee, and sweatshirts.

I personally prefer to call these pieces the essentials. They may be plain, but they are also essential. Dress it up if you want to feel comfortable in your skin and your clothing, or leave it be if you're lounging about. Soft fabrics and neutral colors make them easy to match with other comfort clothes or street clothing.

My biggest style trick is the maxi dress: it looks like you've spent time putting yourself together, but in reality, you're basically just wearing a blanket. Other pieces that cover your body and hang loosely around your frame ensure not only comfort, but a self-conscious-free day.

T-shirts don't have to fall straight! You don't have to wear Uggs to get the warmth of fur on your feet! Pajama pants can be worn out! More and more, basic comfort pieces are being updated to be appropriate to wear in public.

For you comfort novices out there, here are some true statement pieces that also happen to be quite comfortable. Bright colors, interesting patterns, and of-the-moment details only serve to decorate soft cotton or flowy silk.

Do you have any tricks to staying comfortable without sacrificing your style? Share them in the comments below!

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