Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekly Sales Report: October 1

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Expiration date: October 5

Forever 21
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My pick: this beaded skirt

DownEast Basics
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My pick: this collared blouse

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My pick: these silver and black patterned leggings

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My pick: this wool coat

Dorm Room Essentials

I've been at school for just over a week, but we're not all entirely moved in yet (it's hard to move in, catch up with friends, and start class all at the same time!). While I work on getting that taken care of to allow for the best dorm room post of all time, I figured I'd provide you with my dorm room essentials as learned from my two years living on campus.

I love this blanket-- and the little angel peeking out from under it! I took a bit of a risk getting it in white, but it so reminded me of something Kim Kardashian would put in her room that I couldn't resist. Besides, it reminded me of this white sheepskin rug I used to lay on as a baby. It's always nice to have something that reminds you of home in your dorm room.

For some reason, I can never bring myself to buy art or posters. I have approximately one poster from an xx concert hanging in my room at home. Other than that, I have photos, paintings, and drawings decorating my walls. However, I will make an exception for these particular posters. To be fair, I did design them and they're available for sale in my Zazzle store. Sure, this is a little bit of shameless self-promotion, but I wouldn't have made them if I didn't truly love them! *Bonus*: use the code ZFALLSPECIAL and save 15%! Buy left middle right.

This isn't even the beginning of my stash of tea memorabilia-- I also own sugar, honey, an entire container of assorted teas, and an electric kettle. Tea is so important to have in your dorm room because it can provide so many things. It helps a sore throat, can aid in waking you up, and the ability to make yourself tea in the comfort of your own home instead of having to go to the dining room (like you do whenever you're hungry and/or thirsty) gives you a much-needed sense of control. Plus, how cute are these mugs?

I'm not exaggerating when I say I use washi tape on everything. Beyond spicing up some boring old containers from Goodwill, washi tape lines my bookshelves, the light switch, and my desk. It's such an easy way to make your space yours, especially when anything you do to your room has to be reverted at the end of the year.

We have Christmas lights lining our entire room (the school-provided fluorescents will kill your self confidence and make waking up that much harder), but these little flower stems are my favorite alternative lights. They're cute on and off, and can serve as everything from a night light to a lamp to ambience lighting.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn 2014 Essentials

Since I've been back at school, I've had to physically stop myself from going shopping or online shopping. What can I say; there are so many amazing pieces I want for this fall! And, with help from Raise.com, I can shop my favorite stores for less by buying gift cards at a discounted price. Spending $13 for a $15 gift card? I'm all about getting money whenever I spend it-- especially when it goes to buying more of my autumn 2014 essentials.

A la classic Chanel, I'm totally all about quilted leather (or faux/vegan leather) pieces this fall. You can stick to the classic quilted purse, or go for a twist with a quilted leather jacket. If you find a quilted skirt, let me know-- I'm on the prowl!
Which Raise gift card to buy: Lord & Taylor 

I know I've already talked about how much I love cheetah print accessories, but I can't help myself: this mix of classy and classic prints warms my fashionista heart. I'd stick with stripes in black, white, gray, or navy, but you can feel free to rock stripes however you'd like.
Which Raise gift card to buy: an Options gift card for stores like Gap and Old Navy

Duh: knits are always an autumn essential. Step up your game for 2014 by going with oversize knitwear. My favorite is knits made with really thick yarn-- it makes the piece even bigger.

This summer, I was all about statement necklaces. This fall, however, I'm taking my jewelry obsession just a bit north with statement earrings. I love wearing these earrings with braids of any kind-- french braids, cornrows, or a simple side braid.

Leather (or faux/vegan leather) truly makes any outfit stand out in a crowd. For days when you want to be a little more subtle with your sense of style, go with just a touch of leather as a lining on whatever piece you're wearing. I'm personally totally all about pieces that mix wool and leather this fall.
Which Raise gift card to buy: Zara

    Sunday, September 28, 2014

    Back to School

    Boots: Similar from CiCi Hot
    Socks: Similar from Nasty Gal
    Dress: Similar from Forever 21
    Jacket: Similar from REI
    Lipstick: Revlon in Plum Baby from Target

    Dressing for the first day of school is always a hard task. After having spent three months away from your fellow classmates, you kind of want to show them what they were missing. Sure; maybe you spent those three months camped out on the couch in front of all 10 seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but your awesome outfit doesn't necessarily need to reflect that.

    Somehow, I managed to wear an outfit entirely composed of pieces I'd owned since my freshman year. I'd like to think I made it look a little more mature and grown-up, but I'm not too sure. At least these new thigh highs made an interesting addition to the outfit!

    Friday, September 26, 2014

    Fashionista Friday: Flapper Fringe

    Boots: CiCi Hot
    Dress: Forever 21
    Sweater: Gap
    Jacket: CiChic
    Necklace: Chivnova
    Earrings: Target

    This was my last week of making it work from Oregon-- next week you'll finally see a CollegeFashionista post from my college campus. Check out my latest CollegeFashionista post and read more about how I'm making fringe work in an everyday setting. A fair warning: it's not easy, but it's certainly a lot of fun! You might see this dress make an appearance at my Roaring 20th... So stay tuned.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    So All About That: Maya Moon Designs

    For those of you who've read my post on local designers and artists, you know that I love supporting local brands. Being able to see where the inspiration for any given item came from is so magical to me. So, I was very lucky to be able to meet with Maya Bauer of Maya Moon Designs a couple of weeks ago to learn more about her design and creation process. I've almost grown up seeing her pieces in my favorite local shops, and each stage in my developing style has seen a different Maya Moon item. That's my favorite part about Maya's work: there's something for everyone.

    I was packing for school after meeting with Maya when I came up with the idea for this post. I was trying to figure out which bags and purses I would need up in Seattle and I kept thinking about all the beautiful bags Maya had shown me. I found myself wishing that I could take these five bags in particular for one reason or another. I managed to find suitable equivalents in my own closet, but it still got me thinking about the five bags I strongly believe every woman should have available to her.

    Confession: I don't go out. I don't do well in crowds, and my bedtime is around the time that people often want to go out. However, even I own my fair share of clutches to take with me on dinner dates or to events. This is the bag I tend to buy in an interesting color, pattern, or design; it's so small it'll be noticed, but it's not too big to distract from the rest of your look.

    I brought: 
    An orange envelope clutch from Street Level.

    This isn't just essential for college students; everyone needs a bag that they can carry their computer and even a couple magazines in (that's what my book bag is used for in the summer). Something neutral ensures it will go with anything from business casual to full-on professional attire.

     I brought: 

    Everyone travels, be it by plane, train, or automobile. A larger bag that can go through security, be stored in an overhead compartment, or reside by your feet is definitely a necessity for traveling. I especially love that this Maya Moon bag has arrows on it-- it's more than ready to go somewhere!

    I brought: 
    This dog carrier from Bark-n-Bag... I can use it to travel by myself or with Luxe.

    A tote bag is perfect for shopping (either of the grocery or clothing variety), traveling, beach days, and much more. I personally like to use mine as an alternative to a reusable grocery bag. It's much cuter and still serves the same purpose of eliminating unnecessary paper and plastic waste.

    I brought: 
    An old Victoria's Secret special offer tote that I "borrowed" from my mom.

    Whether you're going camping, to the gym, or on a multiple-day excursion, a weekend bag is a larger bag that every woman should own. Bonus: when you're not using it, it's big enough to hold all your other bags!

    I brought: 
    A Nike duffel bag. I don't have a weekend bag quite yet, though I have my eye on this one from Maya Moon... 

    To purchase a handmade Maya Moon bag, visit Maya's Facebook page or contact her by email at inquiry@mayamoondesigns.com.

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    Weekly Sales Report: September 22

    Free shipping on all orders
    Expiration date: September 25

    $3 off any order more than $5
    Expiration date: September 30

    15% off first purchase
    Expiration date: none
    My pick: this lace kimono

    15% off your first order
    Expiration date: none

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    Fashionista Friday: Get Stoned

    Though I'm not on the Seattle University campus for another two days, I'm still tasked with photographing Fashionistas on campus for my internship at CollegeFashionista. I'm so lucky to have a beautiful, stylish, and supportive friend like Katie-- she goes to school with me and is from Bend, so she saved my life this week by giving me some amazing content for my latest CollegeFashionista post!

    To me, Katie epitomizes the cross between Bend style and Seattle style. With lots of layers, dark colors, and out-of-the-ordinary accessories, Katie fits right in in Seattle. It's her more practical pieces, splashes of color, and locally designed pieces that betray her Bend roots. She totally rocks this bag from Maya Moon Designs and these earrings from Stoned and Beautiful-- both local brands made and sold here in Bend.