Monday, August 25, 2014

What's New?

Since my last day at my summer job two weeks ago, I've thrown myself into improving and perfecting this blog. Of course, this is a task that will never be completed, but I am pretty proud of what I've accomplished in the last 12 days. In case any of you were wondering what some of my new features are/what they do, here you have them; in a nice, tidy list.

If any of you have ever wished you could shop directly from Wanelo, or if you've wished there was more variety on Fancy, then Shopcade is perfect for you. It combines the easy-to-use layout of Wanelo with the shopping features of Fancy, and can be used for entertainment like Pinterest. It's great for bloggers because with every purchase that someone makes at your recommendation, you make a small commission. The widget creator (as seen above) even allows you to post your recommendations directly to your blog so people can see what you're buying, ogling, and admiring. *Bonus*: if you join the site, it'll notify you when something you've favorited goes on sale or when there's a coupon that can apply for it. Savings without the effort? Yes, please!

I've been working on the background stuff for becoming a social media consultant for the last month now, and I'm excited that I've come so far. Tell your friends to check out my social media consultant page on this blog-- I work locally but am open to the idea of expanding!

I recently joined CJ Affiliate by Conversant and ShareASale, websites that act as the middle-man between bloggers and merchants' affiliate programs. After applying and being accepted, I've been able to partner with some of my favorite brands and stores; a real dream come true. They give me access to promotion codes and sale alerts that I can share with you and, when you click on their ads, the merchants will reward me with a commission! Here are some of my favorite sales going on right now:


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