Monday, August 18, 2014

My blog, my rules: what to bring to college (pt. 3)

I don't go back to school until the end of September, but I'm starting to realize that everyone else is headed off to school, like, right now. So, this is me attempting to step up and help you out with your packing list before you're already unpacked.
I grew up at the Oregon Coast and now go to school in the rainy city of Seattle, so I guess you could say I know a little bit about what to wear in the rain. Whether you're used to the rain or are anxious about the adjustment, this list will help you pack for the weather. Have anything you want to add? Comment below!

1. Clogs: Honestly, any kind of shoe with a raised platform works. It keeps your shoes out of direct contact with puddles and, in turn, keeps your feet dry.

2. Waterproof (not water-resistant) outerwear: This is a big one-- water-resistant may sound appealing both in price (it's typically cheaper to buy water-resistant) and in title, but the sad truth is that it's simply not going to function like waterproof items do. It's especially important to have waterproof outerwear (jackets, backpacks, bags, etc.) to avoid getting yourself or any valuables ruined by the rain.

3. Infinity scarves: Cute, comfy, and warm; not to mention they serve the added purpose of keeping you dry at a moment's notice! Use an infinity scarf when it's cold but not quite raining out. It'll keep you warm until the rain comes, when you can raise the back part up over your head and keep yourself dry.

4. Wool: Fun fact: wool is probably the best fabric you can wear in the rain. It doesn't soak up water like cotton does, and actually tends to repel water to an extent. Plus, it comes in quite a number of cute items.

5. Modern long-underwear: Don't worry-- long-underwear no longer means the gross, dimpled underwear of days past. Todays long-underwear is simple, sleek, and, of course, warm. Wear it under something cute and watch as no one notices.

If all else fails, remember: layers are your best friend, and it's important to always bring a jacket wherever you go just in case.

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