Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My blog, my rules: what to bring to college (pt. 1)

It's almost time to go back to school, which, for some of us, is synonymous for packing up our entire lives and moving to a new city (or state). If any of you incoming freshman are anything like I was this time last year, you're freaking out about what this whole packing thing entails. Not to worry: there are plenty of packing lists online from those of us who've gone through the process before
I'm making my contribution to this wonderful source of support with a five part guide to packing for college. This first part is brought to you by my dear high school friend Madison Walker, a fellow blogger and a soon-to-be-sophomore at Baylor University in the crazy heat of Waco, Texas. When you've finished reading her advice, check out her baking blog at!

1. A small fan. The dorms air conditioning isn't great sometimes,

2. Oil blotting sheets. Your skin gets really greasy in the heat! 

3. Dry shampoo. Your hair also gets really greasy in the heat. 

4. A small deodorant to carry around in your bag. You're gonna sweat, but you don't have to smell like you've been sweating since you woke up. 

5. A hydro flask or a good water bottle that keeps your water cold. You'll be drinking a lot of water since it's so hot out.

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  1. i never would have brought deodorant, a fan or a water bottle to college if it weren't for this enlightening post!!!!!111one