Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in my bag?

What's in my brand new Steve Madden bag? Let's check it out!

1. iPhone 4
Of course I carry my phone around with me-- that thing is, like, $300 worth of memories and important information. I got my first iPhone about 11 months ago, and I take very good care of it to prevent ever having to actually buy one. They don't even make this model anymore... But to me, it's still nice and new.

2. iPhone 4 charger
I'm very fortunate to live in a household where each family member has an iPhone in addition to a variety of other Mac products. However, it gets pretty annoying pretty quickly never being able to find a charger as a result of family members using the first one they see; which, most often, isn't theirs. I painted mine pink and gold to prevent charger snatching, but there are simpler ways to distinguish your chargers from those around you. For instance, you could buy a pink phone charger instead of using acrylic paint to messily color the charger you already own.

3. Coin purse
Confession: my wallet doesn't actually fit everything I need it to. I have quite a few gift cards and punch cards that I was used to stuffing into my poor wallet that about three months ago I decided to make a change. I use this cute little coin purse for all my gift cards, punch cards, and, of course, my change. Added bonus: I only need to bring it with me if I'm going somewhere I'll need punch cards and/or gift cards.

4. Lifesavers
They are mints! Mints that have the texture of candy! And I just so happen to get them as stocking stuffers and random birthday presents every year for some reason... So I've just grown accustomed to having them with me at all times.

I got this at a Native American reservation on a field trip when I was nine years old. I used to use it to hold beads from my favorite broken necklaces, but now I use it to store my daily prescription medication. This is an issue to be addressed separately, but I've been harassed for my prescription on several occasions, and have found it to be better to keep it hidden. It's a really cute little pouch, and could hypothetically be used for a number of things other than protecting myself from theft.

This might sound exaggerated, but I kid you not; this book is my everything. It holds my schedule, my hopes and dreams, my ideas, my to-do list, and everything in between. I love that it's travel-sized, and I love that I get to call it my "little black book"... it makes my whole life seem a little more mysterious and a hell of a lot more cool.

As I'm so reliant on my notebook, I also consistently carry around a pen with which to write in it. I borrowed this specific pen from my boyfriend over a month ago, and currently have no plans to return it. It's always a little bit easier to make time for writing when it's done with a nice pen. 

One of these days, you guys are going to get sick of my love of this e.l.f. lipstain... In the meantime, I'm going to keep talking about it. I literally use this lipstain in any of the three colors I have every day. It is such an easy way to make a look just that much more interesting, and serves as a nice personal pick-me-up on those days when you're feeling not-so-hot.

I bought these on a whim with leftover money on my food card at school, and boy am I glad I did. They taste just like real pomegranates, something I can't say about all pomegranate candies. Maybe that's because they use real pomegranate juice in the process!

I probably own hundreds of these lip balms... No exaggerating. I get it every time I go to Great Clips to get my hair cut, and it's done wonders for my poor constantly-chapped lips. It has a mild minty taste, but not strong enough that you'll be tempted to lick your lips when you're wearing it.

Even if I don't have a cold, having a tissue handy is always helpful... Especially if they have a cute design.

I'm hesitant about motherhood, but one thing I know I'll be good at is carrying around snacks all the time. That's something I already do, and this energy bar is my go-to. I also like to snack on almonds, pita chips, fruit leathers, and granola bars.

13. Wallet
Okay, so my wallet is Coach, but that's not exactly an affordable example of a cute wallet... So, here is a similar trifold wallet. I trade out my wallet every couple months, and I found this one in the back of my closet and decided it's not doing any good just sitting back there. I must say that I'm not a huge fan of the trifold wallet, which means it might be time for a trade out.

14. Hand sanitizer
I'm not particularly a germaphobe, but I do find myself needing hand sanitizer every now and then. These situations come up especially when I'm living in Seattle and using public transportation on a daily basis.

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  1. It's always great to see what others carry in their bag. Thanks for sharing! :)