Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Short hair, kinda care

Okay you guys... I have some news. First of all, I just purchased a real domain name. As soon as I get it hooked up to my blogspot, I'll be able to start posting on a real domain! Second of all, I finally bucked up and cut my hair!

Before showing you the "after" pictures, I figured I'd remind you just how long my hair was. I've been growing it out since I can remember in hopes of one day donating it to Locks of Love. When I was young, my grandma was going through chemo, and wore a wig made of donated hair. My mom has donated her hair no less than three times, but my sister and I have yet to do it. Yesterday, I decided to turn "someday" into "today". 

I donated a total of 12 inches, and my hair is now shorter than it's ever been. I'm definitely still adjusting to not having mermaid hair anymore, but I've already gotten used to looking in the mirror and seeing short hair.

Today is a wonderful day for change. Remember to bookmark and be on the lookout for my transition to the domain!

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