Saturday, June 21, 2014

To Splurge or To Save

Since finals finished a week ago, I've been busy all day every day working to save money for the school year. As exhausting as working in a restaurant is, it's also very rewarding in quite a few ways; the obvious way being the paycheck I get every other week. Now, this is the first time in nine months that I'm seeing steady money, and I've decided to treat myself with my first paycheck to reward myself for going directly from finals to 7 hours on my feet a day. The only question is, do I splurge or save when treating myself? I'm always quite the proponent of saving money when shopping, but in this case, a small splurge might be worth it to make myself feel more excited to work the rest of the summer. As I haven't yet decided, I've compiled a wish list with both an expensive and a cheap option.

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