Monday, May 12, 2014

My Prom Style

My lovely boyfriend took me to his prom this last weekend, giving me the opportunity to attend a Super Senior Prom. As a college student at a high school event, I wanted to look different from anyone else at the dance. This meant choosing some untraditional pieces, including this dress and the bouquet instead of a corsage.

I borrowed this dress from my super fashionable cousin, who wore the dress for her rehearsal dinner when she got married. Though I love an excuse to wear a long dress, I liked that this didn't scream "prom"--the high neck, the thick bodice, and the pleated tulle skirt aren't things you tend to see on a prom dress.

As a ballerina, I've always wanted to channel that side of me at a formal event. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do this, so, in addition to the full tulle skirt, I decided to go with a pair of nude leather ballet flats and this ear cuff that reminded me of The Black Swan. 

I must admit, I was really excited to go to one last prom, even as a college student. I love any excuse to dress up, and dressing up to go on a lovely date with my best friend was really very wonderful!

Photos by Lauren Goldstein -- click here to see her portfolio!

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