Saturday, May 17, 2014

So All About That: May Wishlist

Confession: as I get closer and closer to summer and as my calligraphy teacher becomes more and more critical, I've found myself online shopping a lot more than I probably should be. I know I've prided myself in the past on my money-saving habits, but I think I've deserved some retail therapy. What am I buying, you ask? Here's 4 items in my online shopping carts!

Earcuff-- I'm buying: Winged Crystal Earcuff from Baublebar. I've already kind of touched on how much I love this style earcuff, but I'm going to reiterate it for you right now. First of all, I love this style jewelry in general; the almond shaped, clear/white stones in a simple arrangement. I'll probably look back on this in 20 years and think it looks ridiculous, but for right now, I'm totally digging this look.

 Vintage-style sandals-- I'm buying: Fisherman Sandal from American Eagle Outfitters. Here's another confession: I've only ever owned 1 pair of sandals that weren't flip flops. When I was dancing, my feet always looked strange in sandals, but now that they've had time to recover from being shoved into pointe shoes all the time, I'm ready to flaunt them!

One-piece floral swimsuit-- I'm buying: Hi-Waisted One-Piece from American Eagle Outfitters. I will never fail to shamelessly promote American Eagle and Aerie simply based on their anti-Photoshop campaign. Plus, their swimsuits are so cute--and seeing them on girls that actually look like me make me want to buy them that much more!

 Lip Stains-- I'm buying: e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain in Crimson Crush and Fuchsia Fusion. I'm so lazy when it comes to makeup, so I've found solace in lipstick this last year. However, lipstick is messy and easily smeared; this lip stain doesn't need to be reapplied nearly as often, and the color stays on my lips, not my coffee cups.

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